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D'source DIC-BHU
Challenge B


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These are the results of all the rounds of - D'source DIC-BHU SDGs Design Challenge B (DDSDC-B)

These winning entries are made available for download and use as part of the Open Design initiative. This is with the sincere hope that the winning designs will find large-scale use in these trying circumstances. The winning designs are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.

Winning entries will be published in three formats: (a) published online, (b) published as an e-book and (c) displayed in an exhibition. In all of the above, full credits will be given to you, your team and your institution.

Each of the winning participants will be given the certificate of winning the ‘D’Source-DIC, BHU SDGs Design Challenge Merit Award' along with a medal for ‘Design Contribution’ and will also receive a copy of the book to be published later on.

We might contact you for further details about your solution and request for vector images or drawings. We shall also keep you updated with any queries with regard to your entry.

If you have any queries, do write to us at

Thank you for participating.

D'source DIC-BHU SDGs Design Challenge (DDSDC-B) Results: Part B

Out of the 17 SDG Goals, the following latter 8 SDGs Goals selected for this challenge.

DDSDC-B Result Links: (Second Round)


DDSDC-3B - Environment Design Winners: (Second Round)
Design Challenge:
Environmental Design in Public Spaces for any of the latter 8 SDGs



DDSDC-6B - Animation Design Winners: (Second Round)
Design Challenge:
Character Design and Animatics concerning any of the latter 8 SDGs





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